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A process extending transversely from the medial area with the maxilla. While using the corresponding process from another facet, it varieties the major percentage of the really hard palate.

Be aware that even portions of Lively processes/responsibilities (executing packages) are eligible for swapping to disk, In case the portions haven't been utilized a short while ago. Not all elements of an executing application and its info must be in Actual physical memory for your involved process for being active. Process states[edit]

Considered one of about 70 popular meridional ridges projecting with the corona ciliaris of the choroid coat of the eye to which the suspensory ligament in the lens is attached.

five. dentistry A series of functions that convert a wax sample, which include that of a denture base, into a good denture base of One more material.

Processes commonly want to communicate, As an illustration inside a shell pipeline, the output of the first process really need to move to the next one particular, etc to another process. It is actually chosen inside a very well-structured way not utilizing interrupts.

basilar process a quadrilateral plate with the occipital bone projecting superiorly and anteriorly with the foramen magnum.

While a pc program is often a passive selection of Recommendations, a process is the actual execution of All those instructions. Numerous processes could be related to the identical method; such as, opening up a number of circumstances of the same application often ends in multiple process being executed.

If a process while in the "functioning" condition has to watch for a useful resource (anticipate user enter or file to open, for example), it can be assigned the "blocked" state. The process point out is modified back again to "waiting" in the event the process not really should wait around (inside of a blocked condition).

alveolar process the Section of the bone in either the maxilla or mandible that surrounds and supports the tooth.

Any of 3 pairs of bony processes on the best of the body of your sphenoid bone, overhanging the sides in the sella turcica.

xiphoid process the pointed process of cartilage, supported by a Main of bone, related Together with the reduced end with the sternum; referred to as also xiphoid.

two. The process in the inferior nasal concha extending laterally and masking indian visa the orifice of your antrum.

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if a thing is going on, and another thing takes place within the process, the 2nd point happens due to the very first:

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