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rank - assign a rank or rating to; "how would you rank these pupils?"; "The cafe is rated extremely in the food items guidebook"

If accusations came within the civilians, usually the concerned family members of equivalent rank and The problem revolved all over individual conflicts.

The rank of the could be the maximal amount of linearly unbiased rows of the; This can be the dimension in the row Area of A.

Matrix rank shouldn't be bewildered with tensor purchase, which is referred to as tensor rank. Tensor order is the quantity of indices required to write a tensor, and therefore matrices all have tensor get 2.

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Sensible Vocabulary: linked text and phrases Things collected in traces or rings column crocodile file line queue ring rope row solitary file string thread tier educate two-tier You may as well find associated terms, phrases, and synonyms while in the matters:

At the time in row echelon kind, the rank is clearly a similar for equally row rank and column rank, and equals the amount of pivots (or basic columns) and likewise the amount of non-zero rows.

rank sth In keeping with/by sth Cities had been ranked In line with what number of Intercontinental conferences they hosted.

The next example ranks the merchandise in inventory the desired inventory areas according to their portions.

conspicuous - apparent to the attention or intellect; "a tower conspicuous at an excellent distance"; "wore conspicuous neckties"; "designed herself conspicuous by her Situs Web exhibitionistic preening"

six : any of the series of classes of coal based on raising alteration on the father or mother vegetable make a difference, increasing carbon written content, and raising gas value

At the outset Kutuzov stood nevertheless whilst the regiment moved; then he and the final in white, accompanied with the suite, walked in between the ranks.

The subsequent case in point returns the very best ten workforce ranked by their salary. Due to the fact a PARTITION BY clause wasn't specified, the RANK perform was applied to all rows in The end result set.

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